Albania like California

I had the great pleasure to visit Albania recently. Although it has been in the news in recent years as a turbulent and unstable area of the Balkans, I found it to be quite peaceful and calm. I found the people of Albania to be warm, friendly and very hospitable. Albania is one of the most beautiful places on the Mediterranean. It includes lovely mountains, bountiful fields and pristine beaches. Its’ geography and climate are very similar to California and I feel that many of the industries that flourish in my state can also be successful in Albania.
I received a warm welcome from the people in Albania. Americans and Albanians have long enjoyed a harmonious relationship. Our two countries are devoted to the principles of democracy and economic freedom. The people I met were sincere and truly accepting of people from other cultures. I have traveled the world and I have never felt a kinship like I do with the Albanian people.
Most American citizens are not very familiar with Albania. If they knew it better, they would see the similarities with California in many different areas. I also believe they would recognize the many diverse economic opportunities that exist in Albania. As a missionary of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, I will work to introduce the people of California to the many wonderful things Albania has to offer.

Rodney D. Dir

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1 Response to Albania like California

  1. ZENUN S. REXHPI says:

    Te nderuar miq,
    Quhem Zenun Rexhepi, prof. nga Prishtina, tani i pensionuar. Kam opunuar si mesimdhenes, administrator (zyrtar) dhe si gazetar i “Rilindjes” dhe i Radio-Televizionit te Prishitines 7 vjet.
    E njoh mire gjuhen kroate. E flas dhe e kuptoj per nevoja praktike anglishten.
    Me pare ka degjuar per kete Mision, por siperfaqesisht. Per z. Richadr Holbrukun, ka pasur nje respekt te vecante si dilomat i SHBA-ve, e sidomos si mik i sinqert i Shqiptareve. Vdekja e tij e hershme, ishte nje humbje e madhe, edhe per ne kosovaret.
    Nese keni ndonje zyre, apo pefaqesues ne Prishtine, me deshire do te bashkepunoja me te per te miren e Misionit tuaj.
    Me respekt, Zenun Rexhepi

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