A high standard mission

Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity is an international lobbying of high standards. In its mission, it has as a model the best standards that have realized with their activities worldwide prestigious organisms. So, it not only lobbies but follows the best examples of the work done by worldwide institutions dedicated to peace.

Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, to achieve its objectives collaborates with many other international organizations which work for peace everywhere in the world. It collaborates with the best. These organizations, most of them part of United Nations, created under the principles of Universal Declaration of Human Right, in their activities, are leaded by international laws and by the laws of God. These organizations are mainly American and European but they have widened their activity also in the countries of Asia and Africa.

So, Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity collaborates with organizations like Amnesty International, Human Right Watch, and International Service for Human Rights, Human Rights Foundation, Freedom House, etc. which in all their activity they protect the human rights and realize objectives for world peace.

Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity collaborates also with many political personalities, embassies, ambassadors and diplomats of democratic places like USA, England, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy etc., whom with their work lobby for peace. Organizations like People to People International, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Greenpeace, Diplomatic Society of St Gabriel (Knights of Saint Gabriel), International Alliance of Catholic Knights, International Human Rights Commission, Academy of American Poets, American National Standards Institute, etc., with their of many years, serve as the best model for the work and lobbying activity of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

Paulin Rranzi

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