A new collaborating level Albania-Italy

On 9-11 April 2009, in Cesena, Italy, took place the fifth edition of the Agrofer Fair, one of the most important events dedicated to agro-energy, energy savings and green constructions. The development of the fair AGROFER was born from the need to present in front of a wide public the necessity of producing energy from renewable sources as the wind or sun, avoiding this way environmental pollution. In this fair participated more than 100 exhibitors from different countries of the world and more than 9000 visitors. The main purpose of the fair was the presentation of the newer technologies, innovations and the most important projects in the field of energy, in front of operators and entrepreneurs of agricultural sector. In this fair, Albania was represented from a delegation composed by: Selami Xhepa, Florian Mima, Shpëtim Idrizi, deputies and at the same time members of the Economy and Finance Commission, Dorian Duçka, representative of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy and Artan Santo, General Director of the Credins Bank. The participation of Albania and its group was made possible thanks to Dr. Haim Reitan, diplomat, who due to support of Laura Molteni, Italian deputy, and many other Italian deputies, has known to coordinate and to manage many projects in the field of energy and health in Albania. For the representation of Albania, in this fair was also set up a specific board with promotional materials over the opportunity of utilization of renewable sources in different Albanian regions.???????????????????????? The organization of this fair, raised a high level the cooperation Italy-Albania in the field of economy and awakened the desire of many powerful Italian businessmen to invest in Albania. This collaboration dates back over four years before when Dr. Haim Reitan, diplomat, Honorary Chairman of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity, came to Albania and was dedicated to the democratic development of our country, supporting it with projects in the field of health, energy, tourism, etc… On June 2009, was achieved to seal the agreement between United Hospitals of Bergamo and the Ministry of Health in Albania for the short and long terms specialization of Albanian doctors in Italy. After many vicissitudes, the Italian company “Radici Energie” centered in Bergamo, could win the concession of a hydro power plant in Tepelena. Later on, this company won the tender for the granting with concession of hydro power plants “Kaskada e Lusës”, Mat. So, that way was created a powerful communication bridge between the rich region of Lombardia and Albania, which was something that opened the road for the economic giants like “Mazars”, “Kinexia”, “Trevi”, etc., to express their interest to widen investments in the field of energy, especially for the construction of big hydro power plants like Vjosa’s cascade, for wind parks (wind mills) in Saranda, power stations which produce energy from the waste incineration and, plants for production of solar energy. Companies from Lombardia have turned their eyes also in investments in the field of tourism; one of their goals is the realization of one project to invest 11 (eleven) milliard euros in the construction of an autodrome which will bring closer the cities of Durrës, Kavaja and Tirana, by enabling at the same time many new jobs and improving the standard of life. Dr. Haim Reitan as a coordinator, and Italian investors have the great desire to realize these projects as soon as possible, but not everything is in their hands. There is also needed the good desire of the Albanian government authorities which have in their hands the golden key to open or not the road for these investments. Meanwhile, the business from Lombardia are waiting the verdict of Albanian part… Whereas, also different entrepreneurs from the region of Emiglia-Romagna have expressed their will to invest in Albania. For this reason, the Forli Commune in cooperation with the Italian-Albanian Association for Trade have initiated the development of a congress on 25-27 May where have been invited some representatives of Albanian government like Ilir Zhilla, Pëllumb Pipero, Shpëtim Idrizi, Shefki Hysa etc.,to discuss from closer over the opportunities of Italian-Albanian collaboration in different fields, especially in the field of energy and health. To strengthen the economic relation between Albania and Italy are engaged the ministers as Anila Godo, Genc Ruli, Fatmir Mediu, Ilir Meta etc., especially the Prime Minister Sali Berisha which with his frequent visits in industrial regions if Italy, has encouraged more the desire of Italian investors to collaborate with Albanian business. So, Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity has achieved that way one of its goals by lobbying close the politics, diplomacy and Italian business to convince them that Albania is guaranteed place for their investments.

Endri Hysa

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