Peace and Prosperity – The greatest dream of humanity

The humanity, since in its beginning, in the pre-antique period, started to dream about the change of the natural and social environment where it lives. And so, with time, its life was filled full of dreams, from those more feasible to those more utopian.
One of the greatest dreams was the willingness for Peace and Prosperity, a dream which in the majority of time has remained a dream because of the conflicts between races, nations, beliefs, ethnicities, genders, tribes, states, regions, etc. To let this dream come true, people have created different alliances, organizations, forums, missions, etc., from ancient times, maybe after Adam and Eva up to now. Among many international organizations which represent the dreams and aspirations for Peace and Prosperity, there is also Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity. This organism is an independent organization established by a group of foreign and Albanian distinguished diplomats, journalists, writers, artists, and intellectuals with the intention to create powerful lobes in western countries in order to support Albanian causes. Lobbying, Lobbying and Lobbying for Peace and Prosperity! –this is the mission of this organization.
Peace and Prosperity was the slogan of the 1956 electoral presidential campaign used successfully for the first time by the American President Dwight Eisenhower. Later, this slogan was hugged also by many other American presidents and senators whom have initiated many peace missions. In 1961, the President John F. Kennedy, with this motto prompted the creation of the USA Peace Corpus whose volunteers act even today in more than 69 countries all over the world.
The goals and the essences of this mission’s activity are the administration of human values, coordination, consultation, negotiation, mediation and lobbying for Peace and Progress. Through its activity, it aims to achieve: The improvement of the Albania image trampled by the former Albanian communism, to be an excellent Ambassador for Albania to exalt Albanian cultural values, to contribute in the economic development of Albania, to encouragement a higher education in the country and in the world as well as specialization of young talents and intellectuals in the field of diplomacy and international relations, with the aim of creating new generations which will lobby internationally for Albanian image, to ensure employment of talented boys and girls of our community in the Albanian public administration, in Western countries administrations and multinational companies, which determine the fate of world politics and economy, to fight for a pan-Albanian unification and integration like all the advanced civilizations, etc.
“The ideas remain ideas, remain idyllic dreams and nostalgia if they are not embraced by energetic people with a soul of action.”, – repeated often this excellent diplomat, Richard Holbrooke, with the willingness to realize also in Balkan his project for peace and progress.
So, essentially, Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity is a lobbying organization initiated by the lifeless distinguished former American diplomat Richard Holbrook, the performer of today Balkan, supported by a group of foreigner diplomats, friend of him. For this reason, this mission is addressed to every citizen all over the world with the call: Lobbying, Lobbying and only Lobbying for Peace and Prosperity!… And this is exactly the axes of the message which Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity transmits to the local and foreign public opinion.

Brunilda Liko

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