From Albania to America

Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity acts especially in Balkan, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Monte Negro, ect. The activity of this mission is spreaded also in many countries of Europe as Belgium, Greece, Germany, France, Italy, ect. Izrael and USA are two primary places Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity has the greatest support without mentioning many other places all over the world.
Actually, representatives of this mission in Belgium are: Sven Aerts – Advisor; in France are: Alket Myftaraj – Advisor, Aranit Gashi – Advisor; in Israel are: Shimshon Horn – Advisor; in Italy are: Ernest Rranzi – Advisor, Dr. Vittorio Ghinassi – Advisor, Susi Reitan – Advisor; In Slovenia are: Andrej Falez – Advisor; In United States of America – Chicago are: Albert Arapi – Advisor, Igor Rebernak – Advisor, Lutfi Louis Sadiku – Advisor.
Honorary Chairman of this mission is the diplomat Dr. Haim Reitan. The journalist Shefki Hysa is the Governor.

Susi Reitan

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