Dr. Haim Reitan, Honorary Chairman of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity

Honored Governor Shefki Hysa,
On behalf of our diplomatic staff I thank you for putting in life the idea of my friend, the late Richard Holbrooke, American distinguished former diplomat, performer of today Balkans, orating in Albania, according to Albanian law, Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity organization structures, centered in Tirana, which will operate not only in region, but also wider, in Europe and in World.
“Ideas remain ideas; remain dreams and idyllic nostalgias, if they are not embracing from energetic people, with action soul”, – used to repeat often our lifeless friend Richard Holbrooke. Initiated by your biography and background, as a completed intellectual, specialized in some fields, even in diplomacy, journalist, writer and distinguished publisher in Albania, I, as a diplomat with experience believe that you will accomplish successfully the two principal objectives of the mission whose direction we have trusted to you.
Firstly, expanding the circle of foreigner diplomats and politicians which will lobby to improve the Albanian image as a democratic state, as a model of Peace and Prosperity for Balkans and for all other places which aspire for Peace and Civilization on behalf of God.
Secondly, in the role of coordinator for different projects in the field of culture, health, energetic, etc., will assure diplomatic staff with support of western states and foreigner donations, contributing for economic and democratic development of Albania.
On behalf of diplomatic staff I guarantee that Diplomatic Mission peace and Prosperity in Albania will be financed not only by the group of Good Will Ambassadors who manage the funds of charity originating from the activities of Hollywood stars, but also with other funds from America, Australia, Canada, Israel, Italy, United Nations, etc.
Congratulations and I wish you success on the hard way but not impossible of Diplomacy!
Sincerely! …

Dr. Haim Reitan

Bergamo, Italy, 20. 01. 2011

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2 Responses to Dr. Haim Reitan, Honorary Chairman of Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity

  1. Amb. Wieiss says:

    Wonderful work in the peace process.

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